Vehicle Trade-In Value In Cold Lake, AB

Trading in your current vehicle is a surefire way to free yourself up for your next car and come into some capital that you can work into your new purchase, whether you're choosing from our new or used inventory. Luckily, our Kia Cold Lake dealership will be happy to facilitate your trade-in process, and in more ways than one. If you're based in or around the Cold Lake, Alberta area, find out how we can make easy work of trading in your vehicle below before visiting us to get the ball rolling.

How Do I Trade In My Car?

Trading in your car begins with obtaining its estimated market value. Luckily, we can spare you the guesswork thanks to our user-friendly online assessment tool. Once you've entered your trade-in vehicle's particulars and gotten a value estimate, you can visit our dealership at your convenience, and we'll conduct a thorough inspection and evaluation before working with you to settle on a final price. Naturally, your car's mileage, condition, and maintenance history will all play important roles in determining a final sales price. Not only will we be happy to take your trade-in vehicle off your hands, we'll also offer you the convenience of working its price into the agreement on your next purchase to give you some extra financial breathing room.

Can I Trade In My Leased Vehicle?

Leased vehicle trade-ins aren't quite as common as purchased trade-ins, but they're certainly a possibility. We recommend going the leased vehicle trade-in route at the end of your lease agreement, as you won't owe any outstanding payments. This will allow you to simply compare the car's residual value to its standard trade-in value. For more on how we can help you with your leased car trade-in, contact us at Kia Cold Lake today.

Can I Trade In Two Vehicles for One?

You certainly can, and if you're sure you won't need both of them, trading in two vehicles can facilitate your next purchase even more than a single trade-in vehicle. Two trade-ins mean more capital for you, which in turn means a greater down payment and more flexible financing options on your next vehicle. In short, when it comes to trade-in vehicles, two can be stronger than one.

Drop us a line for further details regarding your next trade-in, and you can always visit us to peruse our new inventory and get the ball rolling on your next purchase.